Saturday, September 1, 2007

Singing Along

All the creatures I love so much seem to have a thing for singing. Typhon, for example, is now singing his heart out with the Evangelise every time it sounds from the church. That means, he's singing at 7am, noon, and 7pm. Full Malamute voice chiming in with the bells. I don't mind the noon and 7pm performances, but the 7am one is a little much even for this Malamute lover.

The human boys are also big into singing. The latest song seems to be the theme to "Bob the Builder" since they know the words. But, they also do a great humming version of the "Cars" theme if you go, "kaa-chow" to get them started!

The most entertaining singer happens to be the little princess right now. We have the Dixie Chicks latest album in our car and it has become the most requested CD out of the 6. Obviously we can tell where the Princess' political associations lie. It is beyond hysterical to listen to her belt out the lyrics to "The Long Way Around" and "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice." Her little feet swinging out from the car seat, wiggling her head in time, makes it even cute when we get to the cuss word, though she doesn't know it's a cuss word. Yes, another benefit of being the only people around her who speak English!

Both she and her older brother have started asking what the songs are about. Reminds me of when I was little and I asked my dad why all songs seem to be about love. I guess the response is still the same, we sing about the things that touch us the most. The things that stir us, make us want to sing out, the things that fill us to the brim and overflow.

That being said, I am going to be a little less harsh on Typhon in the mornings. He's just doing what we all want to do anyway. Just a lot louder.

Lucky dog.

(If anyone is curious here's a link to the Dixie Chicks tour blog this past summer. This article in particular, I found to be really good. )


RHB said...

coffee this week sounds great! Hey, have you listened to the cd I made for you yet? No cuss words! I promise!:)

babymouncer said...

Hey lady! Ted is also into singing and of course it is whatever I am into right now. There is a song called Middle Eastern Holiday by Hard Fi that Ted loves - its about soldiers going to the Middle East but Ted asks for the "Easter Holiday" song a lot!! xx