Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ah Yes, Now I Remember

Since this weekend, I have had the worst neck pain. At first, I thought I must have contracted meningitis since I couldn't move my head in any of the four major directions with which the head usually moves. Of course, then I got realistic and figured out that I'm feeling like this because of some horrible nightmares I had.

The first one dealt with me and Bubba Love. We had gone to the grocery store and I had left the little guy in the car. When I finished the shopping, I walked out of the store and couldn't find the car. Hence, couldn't find Bubba Love. So there I am, in my dream, completely freaking and yelling and asking everyone and anybody if they had seen my car or my baby. Talk about horrific, that feeling of anxiety and fear.

After that little lovely, I settled back down to sleep only to dream that I had divorced Hubster and was now living with a close relative of his. Just let me tell you, that if I could tell you which relative that was, just how insane that whole scenario would be. (I'm still a little weirded out by that one!) Thank goodness when I woke, Hubster was still there next to me, immune to all my stresses.

So if you take the two nightmares and combine it with all the recent worries about getting organized for going back to school, dealing with Lampshade Head, stressing over the kids, and the like, it would make sense that all of that would pent up in the neck and get all blocked up. So there you go. The reasons I thought I have this ridiculous neck pain.

I complained about this to my friend, French Me. She listened ever so patiently, calmly giving me suggestions on how to deal with the pain, and even was so kind as to offer an alternative cause. You see, last weekend we all went to Le Pal. And they have these really great attractions. And one of them is a roller coaster that I call the "Steak Hache" even though it's really called the "Azteka." (There was a little confusion for me with some French pronunciation, as usual.)

French Me said, "Hey. Is it possible your neck is all screwed up 'cause you went on that thing?"

Ah. Yes. That's right. Hmmmm. Guess I'll still be able to speak to Hubster's relative at the next family party afterall.

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