Monday, September 10, 2007

The Tooth Mouse

Mini-Husband lost his first tooth yesterday. After being able to spin it around in his gums for the last three days, he finally yanked it out. Every so proud of himself, he found the little tooth jar we had been given when he was born, and set it tenderly inside. I haven't a clue how he did it but within five minutes, he had somehow lost it. Not the jar, mind you, but the tooth.

Panic hit as I tried to figure out how I would still be able to have the French version of the Tooth Fairy ("les souris des dents," "The Tooth Mouse") swing past his room while he was sleeping even if he had nothing under his pillow. I blamed the Mouse and said he had probably snuck up behind Mini-Husband when he wasn't looking and took it. Mini-Husband wasn't so convinced. He panicked. What was going to happen tonight if there wasn't a tooth under his pillow? How could the mouse give him something for an empty, slightly bloodstained, tooth jar?

Luckily, a few hours before bedtime, Mini-Husband found the tooth in the pit we call the kids' bedroom. "See Mom. That silly mouse didn't come yet. He's coming when I'm sleeping!" This time, he (aka mommy) made sure to put the tooth in the jar and the jar up high.

Midnight and the ever so adorable tooth mouse goes creeping into Mini-Husband's room to make the swap. Two euros for the first baby tooth to fall from the mouth of my first child. Two euros for this little gem that gave such pain when it broke through the gums over 5 years ago. Two euros for a smile today that is beyond adorable. Two euros for my grand garcon.

When Mini-Husband came running into our room at 7am this morning that last thing I expected to hear was,

"Hey, Mom. The tooth is gone but that silly mouse didn't leave me anything!"

What? What do you mean the tooth is gone and there's nothing in there?

"Silly Mouse. It must be somewhere," I said.

Back again to searching the pit. There, under the bed, was the two euros. Good thing mommy quickly realized that the Tooth Mouse only has little arms. It must have been very difficult for him to put the two euros in the jar once he had the tooth. Under the bed was much easier.

How the two euros really got from the jar to under the bed, I will never know.

But I'm not setting any traps just in case.

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