Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Sticky Situation

Nothing like a day playing with wallpaper glue to really remind you why it's best to pay a professional.

My American friend here, Miss Tennessee 1975, had her second baby earlier this week and as a surprise, the other expats and I thought it would be nice to actually finish decorating the new baby's room while Miss Tennessee 1975 was still in the hospital. I had been hoping that the two women who actually like doing this sort of thing would be ever so glad to help.

And they were. Except one flew off to Scotland on Thursday and the other was either babysitting or having a root canal.

Hence why yesterday, yours truly and my Russian friend, Tall-N-Lean, got the privilege to play with the wallpaper glue. The good thing was Tall-N-Lean, who it very much that, was able to get the paper started perfectly at the top and in the hidden corners whereas I dealt with the edges and made sure the bottom part was lined up correctly.

We did a fairly good job. Well, we did an ok job. Actually, there are some things that look really, really rough to me and had Hubster been there to guide us, we could have done them correctly, but hey. It's done.

I just hope Miss Tennessee 1975 is pleased. And that we used the right paper.

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