Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ever Wonder What is Really Going on in Dig's Head?

Truth be told, most of the time when I'm driving or running or alone with my thoughts, I'm pondering names.

Names for the dog team I someday hope to have.

Names for each of the dogs that I'll play and train with.

Names for a litter of future puppies, be them Malamute or Siberian.

Pure bred puppies born in France are given specific naming guidelines each year. For example, Anouk was born in 2005 and that year all pure bred puppies had names that started with the letter, "A." In 2008, all pure bred puppies will be given names starting with the letter, "D." I can imagine it now. Denver, Diane, Dude, Dipsy, Driggs, Denali...

The possibilities are endless.

So go on. Send me some ideas. Aide me with my naming addiction. You never know, you might get a lead dog named after you.

"Allez, Kelly!" "Let's Go Daddio!" "Magali, le laisser seul!"


Sue said...

Katie picks Dakota. Perhaps a potential lead dog named Devant and a wheel named Derriere or dernier. Meghan votes for the lazy one...Demain (as in I'll run tomorrow...). There's always the complacent one, D'accord. In the end, you're just going to have to name one Dig.

Dig said...

Excellent. Absolutely excellent.

How about one for you, called Da Coach?

kissmekaty said...


kissmekaty said...

Crap! I meant as in Dave's Pubb!!! I'm also going to keep the Eldin theme going and try D'Eldin?

Kitty said...

How about Dignan, Darling, DD, Daughter, Dave,

Kelly said...

I definitely like the Kelly one, of course.

As for D's - Dave of course and then Ditka or Da Bears sound good to me.

ckweirath said...

There is also the ever popular Diogi (pronounced D-O-G).