Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Allez - Retour - Allez - Retour

A little recap of yesterday's historic events:

8am, Haul all three kids up to school to put The Princess on the bus for her first day at her new school. Head back home.

9am, Haul boys up to school for Mini-Husband's first day in Grande Section.

9:20am, Go to Mayor's office to sign Mini-Husband up for the cafeteria only to be told by Miss Snootie, the secretary at the Mayor's office, that since we live so close and I don't work, he can only go two days a week. But when I start my school in October, Mini-Husband can go all the time. (What changes between now and October you may ask? I was wondering the same thing...) Head home for some needed coffee therapy with friends.

11am, Back to the Mayor's Office to ask for copies of the official maps of our property and of the village. Lovely Miss Snootie tells me I should have copies of those from when we bought the house almost 4 years ago. (I'm thinking she doesn't like me very much at this point.) Head home.

Noon, Head back to school with Bubba Love to collect Mini-Husband for lunch. Teacher is surprised to see me there. I explain that Miss Snootie said there wasn't space for Mini-Husband except on Mon and Thurs to which Teacher replies, "But the Mayor told me yesterday he could eat at the cafeteria everyday. There's loads of space this year." Ok. Right. Miss Snootie definitely doesn't like me. Head home.

2pm, After feeding Bubba Love and throwing myself on the treadmill for 35 minutes while he slept, I mange to have the most peaceful grocery shopping experience I've had in 6 weeks. Ahhhhhh, bliss.

4pm, Have an interesting conversation with our Grandma Francais who tells me that Miss Snootie is just a pain in the arse. Turns out, Miss Snootie has a reputation for being a complete waste of space some days and wonderful on others. Grandma Francais thinks today was a space day. Since I have a high regard for Grandma Francais, I'm going with that one. Besides, who couldn't like me?!!?? I'm charming and wonderful, right?!?!!?

4:30pm, Back up to school to get Mini-Husband, who has thoroughly enjoyed being in the BIG kid class today.

5pm, Princess arrives in her magic chariot (aka the bus) and seems pretty darn happy with her day. I'm ever so proud of the little wonder.

5:30pm, Parent's Meeting at school. Such a change for me this year. It's the third year I've been involved at the school and I understood everything that was discussed! I guess I am finally learning some French! The only scary part is that this year, Mini Husband is going to be learning phonics at school and I'm a nightmare with correct sounds and pronunciation in French. Teacher has promised me that she'll let me sit in on a few classes if I get really stuck. (Hope I can fit my knees under their desks!)

7pm, Finally home. Feed the starving tribe, Husbster and dogs included, get Bubba Love, The Princess, and Mini Husband to bed, enjoy two glasses of Rose and realize that the laundry I put out on the line 3 days ago is still out there. I'm hoping it'll get dry today but since it's wet out there this morning, it may have to wait till spring...


Sue said...

I am laughing! All our love to Mini-hubby, Princess and Bubba...

Kelly said...

What school are you starting in October?