Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Running from the Eight Ball

Every day this week I have been quoting that Calgon commercial. You know the one..."Calgon, take me away!"

Tired children and husband, a house on the verge of actually tumbling into the pit of complete and total pitdom, a dog wearing a lampshade (more to come on that one) and another who thinks that 10K runs are just not enough anymore. (Good thing my sister sent me a new sports bra. It arrived just in time!)

Not to forget that we forgot to call Annie Love (my mother-in-law) on her 70th birthday. It doesn't get much worse than that does it? How on earth could we have spaced that one? Especially since Hubster's sister had a huge and lovely party for her and we knew it was happening. We knew it was an important day and we've had it marked on our calender for months. I hate imagining that sweet lady worrying herself to pieces, getting angry and frustrated herself over our stupid forgetfulness.

I need an assistant, a nanny, a cleaner, and to win the lottery. Possibly even a large tattoo gun to make sure I don't forget the important things. Ever. Is it possible to be going senile and mad at 36.5 years old?

Zen, Dig. Zen.


magali said...

Instead of a personal assistant, you could get a wife !
In Africa, when a woman had too much to do (or had a successful business) she'd get a wife to manage the household for her ;-)

Kelly said...

Breathe, Karen. Breathe. It won't mean a thing in 100 years.

kissmekaty said...

We should really consider the whole "Eldin" thing!