The Residents of the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast

The Man: (formerly Hubster) My husband over of 9 years...the man I love with all my heart and soul. He's caused me to re-evaluate everything in our life recently but we're staying positive and hoping for the best.

Mini-Husband: 9 year old son who is searching for a small country somewhere where he can be long as it has a pool. And an Airbus 380 he can learn to fly.

The Princess
: 7 year old daughter who likes pink, purple, dancing around like Kung Fu Panda, and making desserts with raw egg.

Bubba-Love: 5 year old son, aka Frankenbaby since he has a tendency to get stiches. This one is destined to play rugby... except he keeps asking to play football.

Rosebud: The accidental daughter who is beyond wonderful, even when pouring cereal all over the kitchen floor. Nearly 2 years old and beaming.