Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A word about the dogs

Today as I was bouncing around on my bike, staring at four ears, perked up and two tails, curled in the perfect, "happy tail," I got the addiction all over again. Watching Typhon's long beautiful stride and Anouk's short sprinter steps, the hodge podge of my team was soul enriching. Of course, we are not fast, we are not organized, and we are definately not pretty to watch. But we are pretty hysterical!

We'll get there. Where ever "there" is, eventually!

Sisters? Sisters that are friends?

I've had really nice conversations with my sisters the last two days. Funny how when I was 12 I never thought I'd actually miss talking to them. They are both amazing in their determination, loyalty, and strength. Of course, the social butterfly and the isolation seeking nature girl are very different, but they pursue what they want in the same fashion. It's good. And I've had good role models thanks to them.

It's the same thing that keeps amazing me with my kids....How is it possible for the same two parents to create and raise such different people? More amazing still is wondering where the curiousity and creativity come from? Is it us helping them find that or is it innate?

Regardless, I'm glad of the uniqueness. The differences create such a beautiful tableau.

And I'm sure, I'm a very colourful version of an isolated butterfly.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The little helper

Still feeling a bit under the weather. Living for each four hour interval so that I can take more ibuprofen. Good thing our doctor friend gave me some antibiotics last night. Between those and the Advil, I'm hoping to feel better soon.

Jack has been wonderful today. He's decided to help me as much as he can. First thing he did was to play with Will when he had woken up. Jack noticed that Will's nappy was wet so he went ahead and changed it for me. Bless him. He even got in on right and everything.

I think I need to go lie down for a bit. My head is spinning like a whirling dervish. And yet again, wine is not to blame...

Saturday, July 28, 2007


There is no way to explain how frustrating it is to try and discuss something in a language you can hardly speak. Asking questions in English is one thing, trying to ask technical questions in French, for me, is an experience in the absurd.

The floundering idiot syndrome. I'm living that. It has it moments. I find it very useful when I get telemarketers calling but not so nice when I need to get a quote for roof work.

Of course, I could ask the kids to translate.

Damn it.

(Originally posted on a blog called 'Flidstick.' After posting it, I immediately forgot my password and username. Opps.)

Sore Throat

Feeling blah today. Lovely little white spots on my tonsils and a headache that could compete with those mighty hangovers I had in college. If only wine was to blame this time! I should rest. Instead, I cut the grass, planted some plants, and did laundry.

The princess and her brother, the prince, are playing dress up. He is adorable in his button-up shirt. Is it really possible that I get to share these kids' lives?!?! I am amazed constantly.

Blessed beyond belief.

Friday, July 27, 2007

My View from the Window

Our garden slopes down to a bank of trees and scrub bush where the cows are hiding on the other side. The field is full of colour, the colour green that is. Deep greens, spring greens, and soft, clear greens reflect from the grass, the weeds, the flowers, and trees themsleves. Across the valley, I see my friend's hamlet. Quiet and shadowy as it sits on the eastern slope of a hill. The outline of the houses shimmering in the drowzy afternoon sun rest in shades of thin grey and more tones of green until you reach the blue, blue sky of France. The clouds dance towards me as I stare at the sun. Far away I can see what looks to be sugar cubes resting in the fields opposite, when in reality they are the recent born calves, clean and bright.

I adore this place.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

'Cause Everyone Has a Story

Why not? I've got stuff to ponder over and share!!!

Welcome to my crazy world!