Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sisters? Sisters that are friends?

I've had really nice conversations with my sisters the last two days. Funny how when I was 12 I never thought I'd actually miss talking to them. They are both amazing in their determination, loyalty, and strength. Of course, the social butterfly and the isolation seeking nature girl are very different, but they pursue what they want in the same fashion. It's good. And I've had good role models thanks to them.

It's the same thing that keeps amazing me with my kids....How is it possible for the same two parents to create and raise such different people? More amazing still is wondering where the curiousity and creativity come from? Is it us helping them find that or is it innate?

Regardless, I'm glad of the uniqueness. The differences create such a beautiful tableau.

And I'm sure, I'm a very colourful version of an isolated butterfly.

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