Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pumpkin, Part 2

A few years ago, Grandma Francaise kindly gave me a 30 kilo pumpkin. Luckily for me, that weekend I had my sister-in-law, Bombshell, here to help cook, puree, and mix up all kinds of never before tested pumpkin treats. I still think there is pumpkin stuck behind the radiator from that experience.

Earlier this week, Country Lawyer Wife from the village (who drives a Mercedes convertible when taking her chickens to the vet) gave me another wacking great pumpkin. She said she had to get it out of her garden before the donkeys ate it. Since I felt so good about my previous experiences with large vegetables, I happily took it.

Today has been in the words of Winnie-the-Pooh, "quite a blustery day." A perfect atmosphere for lighting the woodstove and filling the house with the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin. Luckily, today I have Bombshell Francaise, my friend from Paris, here to help! The soup is ready to go on the stove, the pie is in the oven, and the pots of pumpkin jam are sitting on their lids cooling on the table. The house is warm and cozy and not a spec of pumpkin to be found on the walls.

Ah yes, we do improve with age after all!


Kelly said...

I'm impressed. Very impressed. I LOVE pumpkin stuff. Hay, pumpkin!

kissmekaty said...

I'm telling ya, the Mormons love pumpkin-chocolate chip cookies!!! You should try them! Also, my Mom swears by them!!

Dig said...

Kelly! HAY. Pumpkin. LOL Such a good time that was!

Dig said...

Hmm, so when I make them, do I share them with my friends who think Mormon's are a cult?!!?!? ;)