Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sitting Here

It's early and two of the three are up.

The sky outside my window is deep blue, no stars, no clouds, a sky void of light. The dark outline the trees give reference to the view. I can blindly remember where the land begins as it tumbles down our slope. A single car passes on the road below, it's red tail lights breaking the darkness into two.

The hint of light that is stretching from the east reveals that there is a duvet of fog snuggling the village. Slowly the light eases into the covers and shows me the trees, the garden wall, and my friend's hamlet dark and calm as they sleep. There is no wind, no movement, everything is still , waiting for morning to come.

Another car goes by on the road below as the fog rises. It's lights greeting the hazy hues of daylight shaking off the covers.


Sue said...

Wow...its almost like I was there...sigh.

kissmekaty said...

Lovely!! I can see it, too!! xoxox