Monday, September 3, 2007

Me and Bob

Hubster went back to work today. So endeth the 5 weeks of vacation he had this summer. I must admit, it really was good to have him around so much. He worked ever so hard on several lingering projects we have as well as he finally got a chance to meet up with some of our friends in the village. Travelling 22 weeks a year is not conducive to going to village events, BBQs, and the like. I'm glad that has finally changed for him. He needs to be "known" around here.

In celebration of his return, I decided to continue my flirtation with Bob. "Bob le Bricoleur" that is. Yes, I have spent most of my free time today using the hot air gun to strip paint. It's actually kinda fun once you get going with it. Of course, I did burn a few small spots when my attention was distracted by the tribe, but nothing serious and nothing like my father-in-law, Stan, did several years ago.

He had been busy stripping paint under the eves of their house during a summer heat wave. He had stopped for a break, a nice cup of tea probably, when low and behold, the roof caught on fire. In no time at all, a fair portion of the upstairs had been destroyed. The finally verdict from the fire department was that the electrostatic dust created from the hot air gun/paint combination had lodged under the roof and in the heat wave, it combusted. Lesson learned for this apprentice. (And for Stan!) Of course, we haven't had anything like a heat wave this summer. More like a minute in a microwave on high!

That being said...I smell something burning.

Ah yes, my coffee.

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RHB said...

Glad you haven't burned the house down. I like your house and think you should keep it- malamut, husky, and all! Can't wait to see all that you and your bricoleur husband have done for the last 5 weeks!