Friday, September 14, 2007


My parents are here. It's wonderful.

I love how the anticipation of seeing someone gets so insane and then, when they walk into your sight, it's as if they never left. You haven't seen them in months, but as soon as the hugs are shared, it's as if they never left you.

This is why I love the first scene from "Love Actually." The combination of anticipation and excitement flows into contentedness and peace when you have your loved ones with you again. When they've travelled through time and over distance to be with you. The joy to know that immediately it's as it's always been.

This is why I love having friends and family come stay with us. It's a pleasure to connect and share and know that these relationships are what is real in life. This love we share with our closest is what counts.

This is why there are always rooms available at The Birth Control Bed and Breakfast.

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RHB said...

glad to know there's room available- just in case we need it- like when cars are burning in the parking lot of Americans that you barely know :) You, my friend, are the hospitality queen!