Thursday, August 30, 2007


The village has been sitting in a cloud for the last two days. It's been impossible to see anything out of our windows except the flashes of lightening from the storm the other night. It was like being on a night flight, getting ready to land in thick fog. The lights flash from below and around you, impossible to tell where they begin and end. Only this time, I was in bed reading.

It's finally starting to clear thanks to the strong wind that's blowing. The mist is sneaking into house through the open front window. Even when it's miserable outside, I need air.

The leaves on our magnolia tree are dancing and spinning with it's windy partner. Bowing this way and that, leaving leaves behind like Cinderella's slipper at the ball. A splash of sunshine marks the spot where the other shoe will land.

And with that the clouds roll by, obscuring the blue sky and the world.


RHB said...

I like your poetic thoughts on the local weather!

kissmekaty said...

You sound like someone I used to know!

Dig said...

What do you mean, "used to?!?!" LOL

Glad to know you are here lurking too. XOXO