Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frankenstein Runs

We have a toddler. In just the past two days, our little bubba has now figured out how to let go of mommy's hand and walk on his own. He's also figured out that he can do laps between the tv room, the lounge, and the hallway, each time picking up speed as he goes.

He has both arms straight out in front of him as he goes, teetering along like Frankenstein on a whiskey binge. His laugh is fabulous and it's obvious he's so proud of himself. The best part is that his brother and sister start to giggle too and end up chasing him around the "circuit." Their happiness is infectious.

I think I've been lucky with this little guy. He didn't really walk till he was 18 months old, so I gained some extra time carrying him and keeping him close to me. It's nice to see him ready to join in with his siblings. These little people. They grow, they change, they grow some more. I am ever so glad I get to have these experiences in my life.

Wonder if it's too early to get them all a pair of Mizunos? There's a nice half coming up in October...

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