Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Foster Parents

The couple that fostered Typhon came to visit us last night. Two incredibly kind people who are dedicated malamute lovers. All the questions I had about breeding, training, and temperment finally poured out of me. Thank goodness, Laurent and Delphine were kind enough (and patient enough!) to answer them all for me.

They had had a malamute named Thunder who horribly was poisened and died when he was only 3 years old. Delphine had been with Thunder on a walk when he found the poison and quickly became ill. As she talked about what happened, I finally understood what Typhon had done for them. He became their transition from intense love and loss to being able to love again. Typhon had given them the opportunity to be around and live with another male malamute and know that they weren't being untrue to Thunder.

The love I had and still carry with me for Luna feels the same. I know I will never be able to forget that beautiful dog who shared so much of my life. I also know that there will be more dogs in my life. And that's good.

Right now, it's Typhon and Anouk who are here to share the next bit with me and with us.

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