Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Birth Control Bed and Breakfast

Living here has it made if perfectly clear to me that running a B&B is beyond me. Organizing menus, cleaning bathrooms, and changing sheets with only hours between arrivals is purgatory for this woman. Its becomes full hell when the little and furry Clark tribe members start sabotaging every effort as well.

For example, I'm cleaning the bathroom last night as the kids are in the tub. Toilets over here do not have the same "swimming pool" amount of water in the bowl. So, when you actually use the toilet for heavy duty business, there is inevitably a trace of your work left behind. (That's left behind, not on your behind, I hope!) Using the toilet brush (something I never paid much attention to before living over here, I will admit) I've removed all traces of the clan in the bowl. The room is looking nice and smelling of lemon sented bleach. Perfect.

As I take care of getting the littlest boy to bed, the older two are left to themselves. That means, they had about 10 minutes to get dressed in jimmy-jamas, brush teeth, and get into their room. I return to the bathroom only to discover that not only had they achieved what mommy had asked, but they left new calling cards in the toilet, used toothpaste for some modern art on the sink, and decided that all the bath toys needed to be spread out on the floor so that they could clean them with baby wipes.

I am slowly learning my lesson. Clean AFTER the people are in bed. Then lock the doors and take pictures.

So, with the next guests arriving in about 4 hours, looks like I'll be going nuts trying to get this place tidy. I just hope we don't live up to our name, yet again. I am convinced that once anyone without children stays with us, they decide they never want kids. Our friends who arrive today already have a little bubba so let's hope their experiences here don't cause her to be an only child!


shelly said...

Who knew toothpaste could spark such creativity? Keep encouraging those budding artists of yours!

RHB said...

Love the description of the toilet bowls of France and how to clean them. So sad and so true! That is what you meant when you said that cleaning here is different than in the States isn't it?