Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wow, that sucked.

Remind me to make sure the dogs get out for their bike rides more often. Holy cow was yesterday a ride from hell!

I hooked up the two lovies and headed off on our usual combination road/trail ride. We are still working out a few kinks as a team, but we've been making good progress. Until today.

For some reason, Anouk and Typhon just had to stop and smell every flower on the trail. Then, Anouk gets all pissy with Typhon because he's not going fast enough so she tries to bite him and that, in turn, gets all the lines completely tangled. I finally get them back on track and things are looking good.

As we come up the first of three hills near some summer houses out in the woods, I am thinking it's nice to see that there are actually people at this one house and they've even hung their laundry out. Only then, as we clear the sopping socks, do I see the very large dog. The very large dog who does not live there normally. The very large dog who Typhon and Anouk HAVE to meet. Right now.

With speed I didn't think either one possessed, we fly up the last bit of the hill, take a hard left, and slide across a large field of decomposing cow poop. At this point, the bike is now rolling on it's side using my leg as a tire. I manage to get out from under it thinking that the weight of the bike should slow the dogs down. Wrong. They continue to pull my bike across the rest of the field, across the patio of the house, towards the very large and now very scared dog, right to the front door. Humiliation at it's best.

The very kind owner of the very large dog comes out to help me back on track. I whimper some words of thanks and take the bike and my unfazed dogs back to the trail. It's then that I realize the bike now has only one working break and I can't change gears. We crawl up the last two hills, make it back to the main road, and finally home with Typhon and Anouk still stopping to say hi to all and sundry we meet.

Hubster kindly nursed my bruised pride when we got home. I suppose a little more practice and a heavier bike are in order! Worst part about all this, is that I want to get out there with them today and I can't.

See, the bike is now having it's own little summer vacation at the repair shop.


Kelly said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry to hear that. Maybe if it was a sled and snow it would be easier? Or maybe then it would be easier for them to get to the big dog? Either way, glad you're only nursing a bruised ego...

babymouncer said...

Please post pics of dogs and bike/sled/contraption thingy?? I am trying very hard to picture this scene!!