Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

It's beautifully hot here this weekend. I keep having to resist the urge to strip naked and roll around on the grass. It just feels so good have the sun on my shoulders. Plus, we've been able to eat on the terrace with our friends every night. We've got these awesome candles that are about 3 feet tall that I stuck in some of my tomato plants for a little ambiance. Of course, the wax melted and destroyed one of the plants. Oh well. Who really eats tomatoes in this house anyway except me!?!

Had a fabulous run through the trails on Sunday. Unfortunately, the dogs caught kennel cough while at camp so it was just me and a friend out there. I really missed having Typhon haul me up some of the hills. I also missed having the distraction of yelling at him to get "on by!" Had to actually think about my running and breathing. Hate that. Can't wait till they are cleared by the vet to be out there again.

Last lazy week of summer vacation. Bliss.


Kelly said...

"sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy..."

Dig said...

Sing it with me, "Sunshine always makes me smile!!!"