Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Bells The Bells the Ringing of the Bells

Our house faces the back of the village church and for some unknown reason, (well unknown to me at least!) the bells chime at 5 minutes before the hour and then again about 3 minutes after. It's something we've gotten very used to and I hardly notice it anymore.

That is until Typhon discovered how fun it is to sing with the longer chimes that happen at 7am and 7pm. Since he's got such a baratone, his singing carries through the village. I'm not sure this is such a good idea for my neighbours at 7am, so imagine my mornings if you can:

I'm in bed. I hear Will starting to stir, I hear the first set of bells chime 7am. The adrenaline starts to flow in my blood as the second set of 7 starts. I sprint to Will's room, do the "grab-and-kiss" then fly down the stairs as the bells ring for the 5th time. I throw open the door, and say, "Good morning, Typhon!" He stares at me and yawns.

Thinking all is safe, I head to the kitchen to make the morning nectar, coffee for me and warm milk for Will. Just as the last scoop of coffee hits the filter, I hear him, loud and clear and strong. "WHHHOOOOOOO, HHHOOOOOWWWWWOOOOOOOOO."


Kelly said...

We kind of have the same routine, except it's the buzzing of the alarm clock, followed by Stein trying to get to it quickly, and finally me telling him to set it for 1-2 hours later for me.

Okay, not at all like your routine.

babymouncer said...

Can you do a mini video of your "singer" singing please?! X