Monday, August 13, 2007

The Day Before Vacation

The problem with where we live is that I have absolutely no desire to go on vacation. I could happily stay here and walk the trails, bike around the little villages, or just sit in my garden. It's so calm here. I know it's good to have a change of scene. I like exploring new spots and seeing more of Europe, but it's so easy being here.

Must go start packing and take the dogs out for a run before they head to the kennel.

But I think I'll have another cup of coffee and sit on the front steps first.

The sun is rising over the church and the sun is reflecting off the stones, casting hues of purple and grey over our front garden. The dogs are both curled up into themselves, tails tucked under their noses. It's obvious Typhon slept outside since he's covered in dew. It's so calm and still. The only thing moving is the steam from my coffee.

If only I could find some motivation to go pack.

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