Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And on to the next thing

Our friends left today. It was lovely having them here but I must admit that as soon as their car pulled out of sight, I was in our dining room rearranging the kids toy/art cupboard. I'm having this overwhelming urge to sort. My mother should be proud!

It's funny how this feeling of needing to be organized strikes me so randomly. I wish I cared more about being organized and tidy, but I really would rather have all my teeth pulled. I remember a roommate in college telling me how she loved it when I would make long distance phone calls because I would clean as I chatted away. An expensive habit!

Right now I just want to go clear out the old clothes that don't fit the kids anymore, get rid of dog beds that smell of Anouk and Typhon stuck out in the rain, haul old broken toys to the dump, and start redoing all the the decoration in the house. I'm thinking like stripping wall paper and repainting and the like.

Whoa. I'm getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I'll just start by putting the dishes away and changing the sheets on the guest bed. Tout doucement.


Kelly said...

Remember - we had the longest phone cord in the world that would reach the bathtub so you could clean it. You knew when Karen was off the phone the tub would be clean.

That's how our kitchen gets cleaned now - when I'm on the phone!

RHB said...

hey, can you come strip some wallpaper down here first? I'll give you some plums and peaches!

ckweirath said...

I remember your phone cord freshman year. It stretched all the way into the hall. Too bad it didn't stretch into our triple, so you could clean the mess you made in there. :)