Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'm Nuts

I'm so insane. All I keep wondering about lately is how I'm going to be able to have a proper team of sled dogs without pissing off the entire village. I might have to start secretly watching the property announcements to see if I can find a house as lovely as this one with a heck of a lot more land. And no neighbours.

I like neighbours. They serve a purpose. They can get your mail for you when you are on vacation. They can say good morning to you when you walk out of the house so you don't feel like you are completely alone on the planet. They are also good for fighting with over stupid things like fences, or shared walls, or parking spaces. I'm just not sure neighbours would really appreciate the sound of 4 huskies singing with the bells each morning. That might go just a step beyond "normal" neighbourly behaviour.

Perhaps if we ever did take an expatriation to say Poland that would be the answer. Can you imagine it? Moving possibly 4 dogs, 3 kids, and two wacko parents?

I'm also starting to wonder if this husky fixation is just me trying to deal with the fact that I'm done having kids and I'm getting to the point where I need to figure out my purpose in life. I thought I knew what that was once. Worrying about keeping myself happy was one thing. Then it got multiplied by 6.

Wait. That IS why I like dog sledding. It is obvious how flipping happy those dogs are when we run. And then you get all kinds of sloppy kisses after you're done. Not bad, really.

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