Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Straight Story: Version Francais

So if all goes well this week, it looks like Hubster may have bought his new commuter car.

We are slightly concerned about the overall fuel consumption, but this new vehicle has everything he was looking for, so we couldn't pass it up.

It's a real cabriolet with leather seats, (well, one faux but I digress...) new paint, a steering wheel, two speeds (forward and reverse) and most importantly, a cup holder. (We hope.)

I think this will be a wonderful addition to our rapidly dwindling stock of moving vehicles. And since Hubster has been able to get from here to work by driving only on back roads and trails with the 4x4, getting to town on this tractor shouldn't cause too much of a worry for him.

Of course, I'll need to buy him a nice hat and pack him breakfast for the commute. Actually, breakfast and lunch and maybe a mid-afternoon snack as well. Let's just hope he doesn't have too much trouble finding parking once he gets to town.


Stephanie said...

What - No British racing green? :)

Hope Hubster and his new ride are happy together.

Sue said...

Or he could paint it green with yellow trim and put a big G on it...just like they do in Packerland.

diane said...

Parking is no problem. He'll be bale to cut out his own space from the grassy area in front of the building.