Monday, June 16, 2008

In My Next Life

I'm going to be organized in my next life.

My house will be incredibly clean and I'll actually know where all those missing socks went.

I'll have the perfect children, who listen and do what I tell them to do.

My husband will give into my every whim and take me on exotic vacations to expensive places.

He and I'll have time to sit and read every article on Wikipedia while sipping expensive coffee drinks made from beans grown far, far away.

My dogs won't chase cats or sheep and will actually come back when you call them.

I'll be skinny and fast. Able to run marathons like Paula Radcliff without stress or effort.

Everything in my next life will be perfect, easy, and light.

Unfortunately, all that sounds kinda boring, doesn't it?

Well, all except the husband giving into my every whim part.


Kelly said...

Sounds really boring. No fun, no spontaneity, no laughs. Ah, but the husband thing sounds very good.

hubster dave said...

watch it kelly... I thought i liked you !!!

diane said...

it does sound boring:) but nothing is perfect be thankful for what you have

Sue said...

Sounds like retirement...only 17 more years for you!