Saturday, June 28, 2008

And Then We Were 8

My brother-in-law's response to my sister when she told him she was pregnant with their fourth child was, "And so we grow."

I'm going to use that line today too.

Remember the story about my neighbour's dog? The husky living attached to a tree?

Well, she's a tree hugger no more.

Say "hello" to Abeka, our newest four legged family member.

Yes, I know. Hubster and I are suckers.

But I have to say, it's been awesome watching her and Anouk play all afternoon. Typhon has been sitting on the steps, reigning over all and sundry while the 'girls' have been running insanely around the garden.

All's as it should be at the very furry Birth Control Bed & Breakfast.


Kelly said...

Welcome, Abeka! You couldn't have landed in a better place.

So does this mean that you will be hooking THREE dogs up to your bike?!

Sue said...

Now there is one for Meghan too...Typhon is A's and Anook certainly belongs to P.

Dig said...

Exactly. That's why we decided to keep her. We're doing it for Megs. ;)

Sue said...

i'm touched, but the truth is once i get there they will all love me soooo much that they all will be mine!!!!! sorry A, P but their alll mine


diane said...

Shush, don't say a word to Snick!!

babymouncer said...

Hi Dig! She is beautiful! and I am SO jealous! Can't even get Ade to agree to one dawg yet! I am still walking a Scottie called Angus and a dax called Daisy! I sent you a couple of long emails through Facebook- did you get them? xx