Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Should Have Known

I decided this morning to profit from the beautiful clear skies out there and get outside. Luckily for me, all my little people are accounted for, so I figured, "why not just go for a nice little run?"

I laced up my shoes and slammed the front door behind me, only to be greeted by 4 curious eyes and two wagging tails.

I hesitated for a moment and thought about nixing the run, grabbing the bike and taking the fur balls with me, but I realized running those two in the heat that was building would not be a good idea. Having to carry home a 100lb Malamute suffering from heat stroke is not my idea of a good time.

This being the first hotish and sunnish day we've had since what feels like February, not only was I out running around, but every single fly, bug, bestiole, gnat, bumble bee, wasp, and flying insect of undetermined origin was buzzing around.

Every single one of them trying to figure out who this human was and where had I come from. I got bapped in the head by two black flies the size of grapes and a very pesky bee tried to have a free ride to the next field of flowers by clinging onto my hair.

I'm sure if any of my neighbours caught a glimpse of me running along, doing some sort of left footed version of the twist as I flapped my arms to get the bugs away, they would have thought I'd finally gone 'round the bend.

But it's Typhon and Aounk who've had the last laugh.

When I was about halfway through my run, Karma ran out and nipped me on the leg. Karma being an old black dog that didn't appreciate the fact that I was running past his house while he was trying to take a nap in the sun.

I suppose I can't really blame him. It is nice to see the sun.

Unless the truth is that Typhon had whipped out his mobile phone and alerted Karma to his task for the day...


Sue said...

Typhon has a mobile but you don't...

Dig said...

You never know when he might need to phone home... ;)

Kitty said...

How bad a bite? Are your (and his) shots up to date?

diane said...

That's Bad Karma

diane said...

owch!!!!!! how bad ironic dont u think oh the irony