Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On My Soap Box

I'm struggling with trying to be nice and not get completely psycho on one of my neighbours.

It all started last year when this one woman in particular told me that she was thinking of surprising her boyfriend by buying him a Siberian.

I was a bit shocked at the idea, since neither she nor her boyfriend are particularly 'sporty.' And at the time, she was heavily pregnant with her third child.

I chatted with her about Siberians and asked if she was really sure about getting this type of dog. We talked how they like to escape, dig holes, chase chickens, kill cats, and generally can't be trusted. We talked about how they need to run. Run alot, or they go nuts and become 'problem children.'

"Oh, I know," she replied.

She went ahead and got one anyway.

They've had the dog a year and the only time I haven't seen her tied to a tree was the weekend she spent with us when the neighbour went on vacation and we offered to dog sit.

Yesterday, she tells me she's giving the dog away. I asked her why.

"Well, the dog keeps digging holes everywhere and when she escapes she chases the goats and chickens. She almost killed the neighbour's cat the other day and she won't come back when let her off the leash."

Hubster and I have agreed on two things because of this story:

One, we will do what we can to help rehome this sweet pup.

Two, I don't think we could handle breeding Anouk only to have her pups head to homes like that one.

I'll step off the soap box now.

I'm feeling like I need to go and chase Typhon and Anoukie around the garden for a bit, then grab them and tickle them behind their ears.


Heather said...

I don't understand how anyone could have an animal for an entire year and then give it away, unless it was for a really devastating health reason, maybe. To me, that's like adopting a child and then deciding after a year that she cries too much and refuses to eat broccoli and threw up on your favorite sweater, so you're giving her to someone else.

Very sad.

diane said...

Does she get along with other dogs? Is she sweet? Does she like kids? If yes to all of the above, send her home with Meghan. We've got a fenced in yard and a lonely husky mix. (Can she speak English?)

magali said...

Scratch Anuk and Typhon for me please! (and don't tell them I was cheating on them during my vacation).

I can't believe this woman...
One of the main reasons I am not considering having a pet is because my lifestyle would leave them alone for too long.

Sue said...

Well someone needs to stand on that soapbox...I'd say you do a pretty good job. Aine would take it if she was grown up, had a college degree and a house in Idaho with a large yard...

kissmekaty said...

Dogs are people too. Some people should not have dogs the way some people should not be blessed with children. Pray for her. xoxoxoxo

Kelly said...

Hmmm. Maybe not a soapbox talk, but sheepishly saying to her, "I told you so."

Stephanie said...

My heart breaks for the dog, as it did when you told me the story before dog sitting. I hope they find a good home for her.

Jenimal said...

Hey Dig!

I think Anouk and Typhon need another sister.... and you'll be 3/4 of the way to a sprint team!

Kitty said...

awwww so sad karen. But if you breed Anouk u could do a backround check on the owners make sure they're fit for the dog, because you don't have to sell it unless you think it's going to a good home. That lady is crazy she didn't even pay attention to u god forbid she gets another dog!!!!! i miss u cant wait to come.