Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anouk: The Border Collie

Nothing like heading straight on into a flock of sheep with two huskies, I tell ya!

Luckily for me, I spotted the herd before Anouk and Typhon did so there wasn't any collateral damage, i.e.: me in a million pieces covered with blood and wool.

But it is beyond obvious that Anouk wants to be a border collie when she grows up.

Not only did her whining get them to run past us as far over on the other side of the road as sheeply possible, the flock then took off with a speed the one could only imagine goats or lamas could possess.

The lady moving the sheep starting laughing, thank goodness, when they took off. Hopefully her border collie, Tuscan, won't be too tired out after he finally catches up to them around Paris.

Anouk, on the other hand, is now dozing in her dog house. Her closed eyes twitching ever so slightly as she counts her own flock of sheep.


Stephanie said...

Hey! A girl's gotta find fun somewhere, especially since you keep patching the holes in the garden wall.

Sue said...

Even dogs can aspire!

diane said...

everydog has a dream!!!! I maybe the border collie hopes to become a sled dog that way when they grow up they can switch places.