Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Granny Penny and Airplane John

Our latest guests, Granny Penny and Airplane John, checked out of the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast today and I must admit, I think all of us are just a bit sad to see them go.

It's the first time in a long time I've had guests who actually repotted plants for me.

I think my mom did that one time when she was here, but heck, she's my mom. That's almost expected behavior, right? My goodness, these two only know me because I'm married to their son-in-law's best friend!

Sure, there is that odd thing that I actually met them when I was working outside of Jackson Hole well before I even knew Hubster existed, but the world really is such a small place afterall, we shouldn't be too shocked by such a conicidence...

There is something about these two and their "joie de vivre" that is contagious. Hearing them talk about travelling on their canal boat, the worries they have with their very old, very English house, or Airplane John's world of being an air traffic controller, you can't help but enjoy their laughter and their outlook on things.

I loved seeing them each morning, sitting in the guest bed with the window wide open, sipping hot tea and staring at the foggy scenery. It's as if they came with the house. Perfectly comfortable and perfectly happy, shouting out "Good Morning" as I passed the room to head downstairs.

The greatest thing is that even the kids and dogs didn't seem to bother them too much. With all the tantrums and cacophony of our house, they took it in stride. It's nice to have guests that like your kids (furry ones included) as much as you do.

I want to be like them when Hubster and I grow up. Heading off on journeys with no fixed schedule, only places to get to eventually. Like they did today: leaving from in front of our house, on a cool and cloudy day, with the top down.

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