Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Morning

It's a good morning.

Why, you might ask?

Well, Typhon didn't sing with the bells for the first Saturday in as long as I can remember. This fact alone is cause for celebration but the kids kept quiet till 7:30am. Between the two miraculous events, I actually got a little extra sleep.

Look out world, I'm feeling alive!

So here I ponder. I'm on my second cup of good strong coffee, Hubster and our current guets are still sleeping, and best of all, the sun is out.

You know what? I think I smell a BBQ in our future.

Happy First Day of Summer!


Sue said...

And it is 6:23am and I'm headed to a swim meet. It must be summer!

Stephanie said...

We feted a l'ecole today. The girls had a blast, and I am loving this sunshine! My FIL wants to send the rain in VT to us and get the sun back. No thanks!

Enjoy the BBQ. We are grilling sausages, peppers and onions tonight, followed by fondant au chocolat. MMMMMMM! Wonder what the kids will eat? :)

diane said...

wait till i come i sleep until 1030 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!