Monday, June 2, 2008

Check-Out Day

I so wish I could be witty today. But it's just not going to happen. Well, it might, but that would be by pure accident if it does. My brain is mush.

Perhaps it's because we had a really good weekend with two of Hubster's old friends from England which meant that over the weekend, we ate every type of cheese, opened wine from every region in France, and decided that whiskey beats a cup of chamomile tea hands down as a before bed drink.

I've gained 4 kilos in red wine and Roquefort in just 3 days.

Maybe it could just be this never ending rain we've been living with for the last couple of weeks. I have never seen so much water in the puddles in front of our house. Bubba-Love has taken to floating his tractors in it and then splashing himself, both dogs, and the front steps with a fine layer of silt. (Anouk does look good as a brunette, actually.)

Did I mention that we still have that little leak in the roof? The little leak that is now dripping constantly into three different buckets. The worst part about this is that the roof work was scheduled to start today. But due to the rain, it's been delayed.

I've gained a migraine from the drip, drip, drip bombarding my dreams. And if I wasn't so bloated on Cantal, I'd be tempted to medicate myself and my woes with a bottle of wine from the Auvergne region.

Honestly, I think a good dose of sunshine or perhaps a detox at a really nice spa like this one would do the trick. Ok, so it's a spa that specializes in vinotherapy, but hey, I've never been good at going cold turkey! (Except with mayo and a nice bit of leftover stuffing, but I digress...)

Tonight, I'm start my own detox by heading to bed early after a raw veggie salad and a nice cuppa chamomile. I'll think positive, sunny thoughts as Hubster tucks me into bed and pray that the roof doesn't sprout anymore leaks over night.

Of course, I've just noticed on the B&B bookings that we've only got four more days till the next guests check-in.

We'd better get cracking on this.

Fresh rain water spritzers and celery, anyone?


Kitty said...

Glad we got in while the weather was good!

diane said...

take me too the spa when i come