Friday, February 1, 2008

The Things You Remember

I don't know the right words to describe labour to someone who hasn't been through it. Sure the pain is one thing, but the surreal state in which you count the minutes and breaths is extraordinary.

Two years ago, I spent the last night of January counting contractions and breathing like a freight train at the lovely clinic in Clermont. Hubster lay down on the camping bed in the room and I channel surfed trying to find something to distract myself.

I stumbled upon Les Bronzes Font du Ski. I had no idea that the Les Bronzes movies were a cross between Caddyshack, Monty Python, and American Pie. Thus, right up my alley. I'm a huge fan of stupid movies. Ask anyone from my Idaho days. The only thing I watched on tv for several years was a battered video of Weekend at Bernie's.

So there between contractions, I tried to translate as I laughed out loud. This clip from Les Bronzes Font du Ski is one of the best. The group of friends stumble upon a local farmer after being stuck on the mountains. In this scene, he kindly offers some of his homemade hooch as a gesture of kindess and hospitality. If my water hadn't already broken by this point, it would have then! I've been the woman in the blue coat on way too many occasions!

Two years ago, I laughed until I cried. And then the next morning, I cried until I laughed and Bubba-Love was with us.

He's two today and to celebrate he's got a new stuffed Flash McQueen toy and a Little People garage. Tonight, Hubster and I are going to celebrate by breaking out a bottle of champers and my copy of Les Bronzes Font du Ski.

Happy Birthday, Bubba-Love! Here's hoping you always have reason to laugh!


Sue said...

What a wonderful story! You'll tell him that many times in his life. The laughter is a wonderful gift to pass along. Happy B Day Bubba!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Will, it is so great to be two!!! We are celebrating five over here today. You guys want to come over for barbie birthday cake on Sunday?

Kelly said...

I want to come over for Barbie cake! Too bad we're in the midst of a snowstorm right now.

Karen - Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!

Have a Happy Birthday Will! We're so glad you arrived 2 years ago.

Dig said...

Barbie cake it is! I've got the Duncan Hines chocolate in the oven but it's going to have to be topped with peanut butter. Think the 2 year old will care?!?!!?

Dig said...

Kelly: He loves us. Absolutely LOVES US!

RHB said...

Hope you enjoy movie night with Hubster! Happy Birthday to Bubba Love!