Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Lists

The latest talk in the village is all about "the lists."

"Have you heard who's on the list?"

"Can you believe they joined and then left the list!"

"There's no way they can get 11 people on their list."

A list? A list of what?

Turns out, the local elections are coming up in March and the lists are the bottom line for anyone who's running for office. A list in our village has to have 11 people on it and when the elections are held, people will vote for a list to become the village council. One of those on the winning list will then become the mayor.

You'd never know the elections were coming up by driving through the village. There isn't a poster or political banner in sight. Not a single publication has gone through our mailbox. In fact, it's eerie how quiet this whole process seems to be on the surface.

We've started hearing the underground squabbles though about who's going on what list and why. There are those vehemently against our current mayor and therefore completely opposed to her list, regardless if they are happy with the others on it.

There is a list that is composed of a mix of folks from all the aspects of the village. A couple of farmers, some teachers, a Swiss born former ex-pat to Brazil, a retired couple, and the local bus company owner.

There's also the renagade one man list from the guy who runs the nursing home and brother to Miss Snootie, the secretary at the mayor's office. He's guarrenteed to have at least 37 votes. (Surprisingly, the exact number of residents in the home.)

Maybe we should try and put together our own list. Hubster, me and the tribe, plus the dogs, works out to about 7 candidates. Just need to round up a couple of cats (balance from the opposition, of course) and a donkey or two.

Unfortunately, I don't have the right to vote in the elections since I'm not a European citizen. Hubster went to the mayor's office in December to register only to be told by Miss Snootie that he's not European either.

Luckily, Hubster was patient and kind and reminded Miss Snootie that Britain actually is in Europe, contrary to popular belief, and so therefore he has the right to vote in the elections.

Turns out, Miss Snootie tried the same argument with our neighbour who's originally from Belgium.

Such a shame the secretary isn't up for election.


RHB said...

Miss Snootie needs to take geography again! That is hilarious!

Kelly said...

Wow, maybe she can take some lessons from my fifth graders too!

Kelly said...

Wow, maybe she can take some lessons from my fifth graders too!

Sue said...

Just having the local idiot makes the whole village seem real! Gotta love Miss Snootie.

Stephanie said...

So if you are not French, you're nothing. That explains a lot!

Dig said...

Steph: No, I think it's more that Miss Snootie didn't have a good geography class. (I'm not even going to mention the fact that if someone said they were from Estonia what kind of look she'd give them!) Only bummer is, my kids go to the same school she did! AGAHGHAA!

Let's target the trees and not the forest! ;)