Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why I Love February 2nd

Because, some of you might want to celebrate Groundhog Day while others of you may be making crepes since it's Chandeleur.

Or perhaps you're really looking for a way to combine your roots with a recovering Catholic positive outlook and have a good old party for Brigid (the saint or goddess, take your pick) on Imbolc.

It's a date on the calender full of possibilities! Plus, it's also The Princess' second favourite day of the year.

Why, you ask?

'Cause now, the next birthday Chez Nous, is hers!

Happy celebrations today to all my favourite groundhogs, druids, Catholics, and Brigids out there!


hubster dave said...

Proof if ever any was needed that I am only here to pay the bills...

Sue said...

Brigid thanks you!

Kitty said...

Do fathers and grand-fathers count? Or Cousins who will be 17 YEARS OLD????

Dig said...

Damn. Forgot both my father and my kids' father! That's so not good.

But Hubster, you're not here just to pay the bills. You drive the car too!! ;)

Diane said...

What about Craig? 13 days and counting. He wants a quatre quatre