Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happiness Has A Tail

It's started. My little girl's desire to be around horses. I know Freud had some psycho-babble to say on this whole thing, but I do find it amazing how most little girls (myself included) go through a phase of horses.

Luckily for us, we don't live that far from a horse farm. They've got about 6 horses and Pinocchio. He's your typical Sheltand pony, more interested in eating the grass next to the trails then exploring them, but perfect for inexperienced little people their moms.

When we got to the horse farm, the woman who runs the place gave me a quick run down of what Pinocchio would or wouldn't do, pointed to the trail, handed me the lead, and said, "See you in an hour."


I'm much better at dogs, I must admit, but there was something charming about Pinocchio with his bangs covering his eyes and his little round belly sticking out from under the saddle. The Princess was beyond happy.

Of course, she had a right royal tantrum when she had to share the pony with her friend and brother, but we'll not dwell on the negatives today. We'll just think about how happy this little girl was to be riding her pony, on a country trail in the sun.

The Princess is already telling us what she wants for her birthday. Yes, you guessed it. She knows we've got this wacking great garden that would be perfect for a pony.

Of course, I'm not sure how two huskies would react to a much larger 'husky' living in their midst.

But if I really think about it, Typhon isn't far off the size of Pinocchio and probably runs at about the same speed.

Hmmm. Wonder if I could get harness for Pinocchio?


Sue said...

And a PHOTO!!!!! Yippeee!!!! I just love her little grin!

Dig said...

I should post the one taken during the tantrum, but this is much more true to her style!

Kitty said...

Hooray, a picture!!

Heather said...

That is a look of sheer joy on her face! Really cute.

Stephanie said...

What a happy girls! Now I know where to go in a few months when mine start the horse thing. Luckily they still think that the Little People horses are the best!

RHB said...

So cute! Is Pinnochio at Montmorin?

diane said...

Speaking of the Princess, just discovered the Bellie Boo blog. Doesn't seem like this one gets the same kind of press as the Resident artist, but there is a picture of said princess looking like an angel. Didn't take a shoe at my head to demand equal advertisment for my favorite non Patton 4-5 year old girl!!!

Dig said...

Equal attention is well deserved by said Princess. Of course, said Princess is very, very determined about what goes on her blog. Trust me, I'm trying to update it!!!