Thursday, February 21, 2008

Full Moon

I wish I had been able to really capture the moon this morning. As I stumbled towards the coffee maker in the kitchen, my breath was taken away by the tableau outside my window.

As the mist was rising from the river below, the moon, which seemed as large as the sun, glowed orange and pink as it finished it's lullaby to my sleeping friends in the houses below.

Slowly, the morning clouds embraced the moon and took over the tableau. Instead of one solitary shining spot above the mountain, the sky became red, purple, wide awake and alive.

Good morning to the earth, the moon, the sky and me.


Sue said...

It would seem that we are neighbors. That moon is hanging in my backyard this morning too! Last night it was red with the eclipse. We were all outside in socks watching. Cool!!!!

Dig said...

See, we really aren't the far apart afterall!

Diane said...

Hey, it was happening in Elkridge too. Although I did miss the am moon. But we had the eclispe!!! We all must be neighbors.

hubster dave said...

so tell me di-di, did you miss the am moon after another night of hard drinking and partying??? ;-)

Kelly said...