Sunday, February 24, 2008


I stood in the kitchen loading dishes into the dishwasher when The Princess walked in.

"How do I look?"

I turned to see a stunning vision in pink. Pink t-shirt, pink pants, hot pink socks, and her shiny pink handbag with the fake fur around the top.

"You look fabulous!"

"I know. I look great and stylish. Do you know what stylish is, Mom?"

Sure, I thought, as I quickly took inventory of my own outfit.

Old jeans that are ready to split at the butt and knees, a black zip-up fleece spotted with white paint and dog fur, a pair of old New Balance running shoes being held together only by the laces, and my hair tied on top of my head with a pencil.

"Stylish...yes, it's when..." I started to respond, but it was already to late.

The Princess, laughing, tossed her hair and left the kitchen in a skip, singing, "My Baby Just Cares For Me."

Once again, I am humbled, amazed and in awe of this little person who's not quite 5.


Kitty said...

What, no picture?

kissmekaty said...

Of all the things we teach our kids, it is amazing what they retain!!!! Love Belly-bean!! xoxoxoxo

Stephanie said...

I think style is in the eye of the wearer. I am excited for the Princess because she is comfortable with her own style. And you are comfortable with yours.

Sue said...

Somehow this seems almost poetic...or is that prophetic. I recall that your room was pink when you were a kid...