Monday, February 4, 2008

Ode to An Old Friend

It's been a tough five years for you, my old friend. So many sheets, clothes, and nappies. Not to mention all the spare change and keys that have clogged your system. I've tortured you with dog blankets, vomit covered toys, and countless smelly running shoes. It was a thankless world you lived in.

But you stood valiantly next to the dryer, patiently waiting for the next load, be it darks, lights or colours. The ultimate in unconditional love.

You had a rhythm all your own, shaking to the beat of God only knows what band, some sort of combination of hard rock and Reggae. A solid thumping from the basement, that let me know you were on the scene, doing what needed to be done.

It's just a shame that you decided to give up the ghost when Hubster was actually helping with the laundry. There he stood, ankle deep in water, trying to keep you together long enough to finish the spin cycle.

Bless you on your final journey, old friend. May your final resting place be free of unmatched socks.

As for us, we've sent condolences to the dryer and promised to find her a nice new machine to cuddle. Perhaps one that we won't have to bolt to the wall this time.

Though, I will admit, everytime I hear this song, I will shed a tear for my old friend.


RHB said...

hey, sorry to hear that you are out of a washing machine! I'm telling you, the lady in Billom rocks at doing laundry and folding and ironing too! :)

Sue said...

Wow! I loved that machine. I will shed a tear for you...

Diane said...

I am actually very bumming. I bonded with that washer like you wouldn't believe. Scared too, since Sue's dryer just gave up the ghost. Does this mean my fridge is next?

Kelly said...

Well done Ode for a much deserving washer, Karen. I pray that ours can hold out a while longer. (I also hope my washer ins't reading this).