Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mini-Rugby Chez Moi

As much as I know Mini-Husband had an artistic streak, I'm convinced that Bubba-Love has a rugby streak.

Perhaps his being born right before the annual Six Nations Tournament has something to do with it. The first days of his life were spent in the hospital with his father glued to the television as his sister and brother played with the electric bed. The frantic yells of "Go England" and "Refereeeee" were permenantly etched into his head at that moment.

He has a tendancy to tackle, this one. And tackle hard. He's already taken down The Princess and Mini-Husband on various occasions and today he decided that his friend Solen was a ripe target. Nothing like watching a solid almost two-year old taking his 15 month old friend out at the knees.
Luckily, at 15 months there isn't a lot of distance between the floor and said knees!

Each child in a family finds a way to get attention. In ours, Mini-Husband has trantrums, The Princess whines, and Bubba-Love tackles.

Or rather, we've got a coach, a star scorer, and a wacking defense.

Go Team!

The Resident Artist has updated his site. Hope you enjoy his latest works!


RHB said...

Go team!

Happy Birthday to Bubba Love! Today two years ago, I came for coffee at your house and then you left for the hospital. :)

Stephanie said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

kissmekaty said...

Hey, that means RHB answered the phone when I called!!! Happy Birthday to Bubba Love!! And remember the warm liquid between your legs, unless you are partying, means your water broke! xoxoxox

Dig said...

I just remember being in the hospital watching this crazy French movie...Looks like I now have a topic for tomorrow! ;)

Sue said...

Ever since his earliest days, Bubba has been looking for action. He didn't want to be comforted the normal way but wanted to look out at the chaos in the room. Seems prophetic now...