Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Other Family

Had one of those moments today where I really wished I lived closer to my family. Turns out, I was supposed to help clean at Bubba-Love's day care and I agreed to meet the other parents there at 10am. Of course, Ms. Flighty over here forgets that

A.) Not only do Mini-Husband and The Princes still not have school but
B.) Hubster is working today.

Just who was I thinking was going to watch the little people?

Amen for the expats. Miss Tennessee 1975 and her fab husband kindly took my people for the morning so I could keep my promise to the other parents.

It is amazing how quickly I find we, the expats, say "yes" when another one of us needs something. It's as if we have this immediate understanding, we're all in the same boat, far from home (be it the US, England, Poland or Russia) and we become in situ aunts, cousins, sisters, and grandparents. We've been in each other shoes. We know how it is to be lost, confused, elated, embarrassed and angry, struggling with feeling stupid, feeling blessed, feeling alone.

It's always so hard when part of that family leaves again, heading back to real family and home. But till that time comes, the understanding is constant. The immediate "yes" is there. I only hope I can return all of the kindness that's been shown to me from all of them before they do leave for good.

Amen for my in situ family.


Sue said...

and Amen from the distant family who appreciates them too!

RHB said...

thanks for being there for us too!we love you!