Friday, January 18, 2008

Thoughts on the Hamstermill

"And I rannnn, I ran right into a wallll..."

Nothing like 45 minutes running on a treadmill that faces a wall. A very nice wall it is too, but it doesn't inspire much.

While I ran there staring at the orangeness of the wallpaper I got to thinking:

I miss my college roommates.

Did I really interview at one point for a master's program at NYU?

Is taking two Ibuprofen a day considered an addiction problem?

Boy, this wall is really orange.

Must remember to shower at some point.

Wonder whatever happened to my friend Roc? And Jill-O?

If I take apart Mini-Husband's old bike, could I build a three-wheeled dog cart from it?

Why has Anouk taken all her bedding out of her dog house AGAIN?

I miss my sisters.

I'll never finish reading, "The Golden Bough."

This wall paper is bordering on 1970s organge.

45 minutes. Thank GOD that's done.

I really need to get outside more often.


magali said...

Could I suggest allowing the kids to draw on that wall ? It would not be so boring anymore ;-)

Sue said...

Its called music...put it on and let it take you...
By the way, we miss you too!

kissmekaty said...

It is supposed to be facing either a window or a T.V. screen!! Or might I suggest 'Wall Street Journal' crossword puzzle wall paper? xoxoxoxo