Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We Have Wee-Wee and Oui-Oui

I realize that this really isn't 'post worthy' but it's getting posted all the same.

Bubba Love today decided that he wanted to use the little potty. I stripped him down and plopped him on there not expecting much. To my surprise, he went wee-wee.

Of course, I was too busy browsing online for a three-wheeled dog sledding cart to notice right away so he promptly put all kinds of toys in there it. Nothing like sharing the joy of wee-wee with your favourite race car!

Actually, I'm thinking we may need to call this pee-pee rather than wee-wee since that is actually the name of his sleeping buddy, Oui-Oui.
There could be a whole realm of linguistical and hygene problems here.

Both boys are now in the bathroom together dicussing the finer points of having 'boy bits' while I'm hiding out here with The Princess. I'm hoping I can find us a nice pink dog sled...

The Resident Artist has updated his site. Enjoy!


Diane said...

How about tinkle? I have always it sounded nicer that way then oui oui. And pee pee sounds so, bourgeois. (nice french, huh)

kissmekaty said...

There is also the snail on the turtle's back saying 'Wheeeee'! xoxoxox ;)

Our Own International Multiples Club said...

Go WILL! Literally and figuratively. Good job! To Mommy - I have found that LOTS of toys are dishwasher or washing machine safe. And whatever you call it, it comes out the same.