Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beautiful Boy

Tuesdays are wonderful for me. Bubba-Love is at the garderie, Mini-Husband and The Princess are at school and I'm home all by myself! I get to clean in peace and actually go play with the dogs.

Today, the three of us headed out on some of the backroads around the village. It's cold, but not bitter, and the dogs were in a great mood. They are really starting to work wonderfully together.

It's been an incredible experience with Typhon in our lives. He's a whacking great big old ninny when it comes right down to it, but his sweetness and simpleness are a joy.

It's so hard to know what a rescue dog will really be like once they move in with you. You don't know their past, their 'issues', or how they behave in the simplest of situations. When Typhon first came to live with us, he couldn't handle being anywhere near cows. Now, he's able to run right on past a whole field of them without a flick of his ear.

I enjoy having the two dogs in our lives. They add to our family and give me added stress that I can't seem to live without.

Just imagine how happy and insane I'll really be if I get my way and we have 6! I figure Hubster would be happier having more pups rather than bubbas. That way, we won't need to buy a bigger car, just a truck!

There's beautiful chaos in the fur.


Sue said...

Ah...silence is golden. Enjoy your peace!!!

hubster dave said...

Make the most of it... it might not last long...

Dig said...

Crud. I guess that means I need to get a job. C'est la vie!