Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clicky Clacky Shoes

My parents gave The Princess a bag of clicky clacky shoes that are out of this world. Not only are there a pair with sparkles, there are also two pairs with little feather boa type things on them in both essential colours: purple and pink.

In total, The Princess now has a pair of clicky-clacky shoes for almost every day of the week. (Note: she's guarding Saturdays for her running shoes.)

I must admit I'm slightly jealous of this. Why isn't is possible for me to go into a store and buy 6 adorable high heeled shoes all together in a pink frilly bag?

I could use the purple pair when I'm running. They'd would match my running duds perfectly.

The sparkly pair could be for when I'm out with the dogs on the bike. Reflector shoes, they'd be.

The dark pink pair would be great for when I need to clean up the poop in the garden. Hide any traces I might have stepped in, they would!

The light pink pair for when I am sorting laundry and matching socks. Who needs socks with those on your feet, eh?

A clean white pair for going to the grocery store. Just because!

And the red pair could be for lounging at home, 'cause as Dorothy says, "There's no place like home."

Shoes like that would add such style to my life. They'd remind me I'm girly deep down inside. That I'm pretty, ever so pretty, and glamorous.

Truth be told, I'd probably end up in the emergency room with a broken ankle trying to walk around on all those.

But as they say in France, "il faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre belle."


Kitty said...

Tranlation: You must suffer to be beautiful!

Sue said...

And suffer you will...clack, clack, clack...thump (heel hitting head of brother)...

kissmekaty said...

Sue has me chuckling the most! Although the sight of Dig in pink or purple pumps is funny, Sue had me laughing out loud! Thank you for my morning giggle! xoxoxoxo

Dig said...

Dang. Hadn't thought about that option! Shhhh, don't suggest it too loud, ok?

diane said...

Where are the pictures?