Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Winning is in the Prize Money

Yesterday when I picked Mini-Husband up from school, his kind teacher's assistant pulled me aside.

"So, you ran your race yesterday, right?"

"Yes. Yes, I did."

"Mini-Husband told us that you told him you had won."

"Really? Well..."

"Yes, Mini-Husband told us, 'Mommy ran her race yesterday and she said that she won, but I don't think so.'"


Guess there goes my attempt at trying to tell my kids I was a winner because I accomplished the goal I had set for myself and not because I had come in first.

Arguably, I was first in the category of female runners born in December, living in a small village that starts with 'S', and was wearing Hot Chilis long underwear tights. Unfortunately, the prize money for that first place finisher isn't really all that much.

A big 'thwap' of Typhon's paw and a chance to fill the water bowls isn't something all runners strive for.

Good thing I won then, eh?


magali said...

well on Saturday, Mini husband also told me 'I hope you win your race' and I tried to explain that it was very unlikely...
I guess he is still a bit young to understand the concept of running a race knowing from the start you will lose it!

But you are a winner :-)

Dig said...

Bizarre that, isn't it? We race, knowing we're going to lose. LOL

magali said...

grown ups are strange ! :-p

Sue said...

You are always a winner just for trying. Waddle on friends!

RHB said...

You finished well, hence, you are a winner because of your discipline, determination, and perseverance. Congratulations!