Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Need Toothpicks

I feel as though my eyelids are hanging halfway down my face. There is no way it is humanly possible for me to be able to function right now, yet here I am.

It must be the coffee.

I don't think I've had a good night's sleep since Saturday night. Odd dreams (like the one about chopping off the head of a snake,) children waking and needing a cuddle or sheets changed, the fact that our duvet seems to have shrunk, all have caused me to reach the brink of exhaustion.

I know playing tug-of-war with Hubster on some nights might actually be fun and pleasurable, but darn it all, I'm tired.

I remember clearly when I was pregnant with Mini-Husband, my father-in-law used to tease me about sleeping so much. I'd rarely get out of bed before 10am. I told him at the time I was stocking up for all the years ahead of me when I wouldn't be able to lay in bed all day.

I really should have been sleeping till 11am.

The worst part about all this sleepiness is that the kids go on spring vacation next week.

Two fun filled weeks with the tribe at home. Yippy.

Looks like I'd better get that caffeine drip put in by Friday.


RHB said...

hey, finally learned how to make lattes on our machine, so come over for a grande!!!! We can pretend we are at Starbucks even though there will be lots of pitterpats that let us know that we're dreaming. :)

diane said...

I'm awfully tired now too. I think it is a combination of spring refusing to show up and give off some sun, but yet still show up enough to make all the trees throw off their pollen.

Dig said...

RHB: Latte me, baby. I'll be at yours early on Friday if that's the case!

Sue said...

I say schedule "movie afternoons" in advance so that they look forward to them. That will give you an hour to drowse. Can I come have lattes too?? (not that I drink them...but the company would be nice.)

Kitty said...

Well, you can always look forward to the joys of "old age" - when you are tired, you fall asleep. Sitting, standing, lying down, makes no difference. I figure I am catching up. . .

kissmekaty said...

WOW! Just woke up from my 2 1/2 hour nap and checked out "the Blog". Bummer for you!!! xoxoxox