Monday, April 21, 2008

In Theory, It's Easy

Who knew that saying "yes" to arranging for two 17 year old French girls to go to the States this summer would throw me right back into that chaotic world of tour operators that I miss and love so much?

Only difference is, booking trips for strangers can give you a little protection, a healthy distance, an anonymity that keeps the stress from spilling over into your head and thus becoming insomnia.

Arranging trips for daughters of friends is enough to drive you to drink on a daily basis. Add in the fact that the girls are going to stay with your family for an extended period of time, it's enough to drive you to drink in your nightmares.

Which I did last night, worrying over every little detail.

Why did I say yes to arranging this?!?

What if my nieces don't like the French Filles?!?

How will I ever pay my sister back for all her help with French Fille #1?!?

Why is French Fille #1 staying so long?!?

This means French Fille #2 can't stay with the same sister?!?

Where on earth am I going to find a second host family for French Fille #2?!?

Does this means I've got to look after French Fille #1 and #2 when I'm in the states!?! I get rid of my kids only to have to look after two others. And teenagers to boot. What am I, nuts?

Give me an office with a desk, names on paper, hotels in unseen cities, and voices on the other end of the phone. I want to hide! I want to hide!


magali said...

Hey, they are 17, they are not customers. You are not responsible for the way they act, and you don't have to take care of them when you travel to the US.
You are helping arrange this which is very nice of you but don't lose sleep over it...
Plus, I have to ask: isn't it a bit late to arrange a trip for the summer ? Or maybe I have been overplanning too early?
Relax, breath !
Take care

Dig said...

For my sister's sake, I'm secretly hoping when they go to book the airfare, they'll change their minds. Horrible, aren't I?

Sue said...

Unfortunately, the exchange rate may make the airfare the best part of it all.

magali said...

with a little luck, everybody will think that the exchange rate makes it a perfect time to visit, and the airfare will go up...

kissmekaty said...

And after years in the resort industry, I think its funny that you think you can hide! This is such a small world! Its the eight degrees of Kevin Bacon en francais! xoxoxox