Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bleary Day

It's raining outside and I'm huddling over a cup of tea. The house isn't getting warm even though I've got both woodstoves burning at maximum.

I'm sorely tempted to go crawl into the dog house and snuggle with Typhon, except Anouk has already beaten me to it.

Even the magnolia buds on the trees by our front door look cold and sad today, obviously annoyed that spring has played a practical joke. "Sure, it was nice yesterday but now look at us!"

The bright green of the fields, the grey of the sky, the steam rising from my cup of hot tea.

Springtime in the Auvergne.


Stephanie said...

The cough. The runny noses. Ah ... spring time. My neighbors have some gorgeous flowers though.

Sue said...

Grab a few blankets and snuggle on down...I love those kinds of days!

kissmekaty said...

Still sounds lovely... xoxoxox

Sue said...

Did you send all that rain back to the west because that's the kind of day we had yesterday and we'll have today? I just wish I had a wall in the back of my house instead of contractor's plastic...brrr!